Clubbingspain premiere 'Aubrey - Saros Cycle'

Spanish electronic music platform Clubbingspain has picked for exclusive premiere "Saros Cycle", one of UK unsung techno producer Aubrey's upcoming album "Gravitational Lensing" on Out-ER. 

Aubrey and Out-ER has been collaborating for many years. Aubrey already released a full EP for the label, and has been invited to play records at the label's homeland club Fico D'India for the previous four summer seasons. Last year, Aubrey and Out-ER's honcho Simone Gatto also put out a featuring release on Curle Recordings. "Gravitational Lensing" is Aubrey's first album in 18 years. 

Spot the full feature and listen to "Saros Cycle" below: