Bandcamp Best New Electronic Music October 2018: Air Liquide 'This is a Mind Trip'

The legendary German duo Air Liquide are back with 'This is a Mind Trip', their first release since 2004, out now on Berlin electronic label Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound. For its October's monhtly column on the best electronic music, Bandcamp included and reviewed the release offering an additional insight on the duo's past activities. 

"Back in 1992 when techno and trance had yet to formally separate, Air Liquide’s “Liquid Air” melted thousands of overly susceptible minds with its delirious narco-poetic narration, “This is not a mind trip, this is a body journey…no memory, you orbit, shoot through biocolored trichromatic vapors, up to the cumulostratus mackerel sky."

Check the full review and listen to the snippets below!