GROOVE Magazin, Electronic Beats announce Air Liquide 'This Is A Mind Trip EP'

Air Liquide are a legendary kraut-electronic music duo who contributed to boost Germany's inclination for techno culture. In 1994, they played a techno live set at Love Parade which also featured 'This Is Not A Mind Trip' track, which entered on to the memory of many Germans since then. 

In recent times, Air Liquide got in touch with Berlin-based label owner and promoter Irakli: they played at Irakli's party STAUB and since then, they've been working on their new record 'This Is A Mind Trip', whose title is intentionally counterposed to that known track played live at Love Parade. Today, Electronic Beats and GROOVE Magazin wrote a story about the aforementioned release, out soon on Irakli's Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound label.