Christopher Rau, Marieu and Simone Gatto in conversation for The Ransom Note

Christopher Rau and Marieu, ahead of their new project 'Colours Of Observation' created to release exclusively on Simone Gatto's Out-ER, visited the label homeland in South of Italy to play dj det - specifically taking over Knick Knack - and enjoy some time over the Ionian coast. The UK platform The Ransom Note wished to hear more about the new project and invited the trio for an open conversation, which occurred on Gatto's boat.

While we're all a tad jealous that we were able to go out swimming in the ocean, we were happy to leave the trio the tackle the topics they wanted to talk about - particularly now that the last two have joined forces to become Colours Of Observation and have new music on the way very soon. So tune in as vinyl, culture and crowds all get tossed into the ring as they go DJ to DJ... To DJ.

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