Knick Knack

In 2014, Knick Knack started running techno events in lost villas rented for a night and turned into clubs, with powerful sound system, striking locations and access limited to 450 guests via bracelets only. The event main characteristic is to keep every the event services qualitative high - location beauty and logistics, chill area, employees kindness, in order to create a free space where people can enjoy the vibe together, always respecting the rest of the audience.

Some of our guest artists are Inigo Kennedy, Boris, Kr!z, Bill Youngman, Electric Indigo, Rivet, Bas Mooy, Alienata, VSK, Stanislav Tolkachev, I/Y, Ancient Methods, Sunil Sharpe, Samuel Kerridge, Christopher Rau, Marieu, Simone Gatto, The Noisemaker, Lee Holman, Zadig, Adam X, Aubrey, Ritzi Lee, Lower Order Ethics, Andrea Santoro, Northern Structures, Mirror 1, Okee Ru and Dan Mela. 

Check out videos of our 2015 and 2016 summer seasons: